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About to post about squeeeee new books pubbing tomorrow—but remembered I forgot to share the link to the new Thicklebit! So here’s that. Oh, sure, the children may look angelic, but really it’s Lord of the Flies around here. Er, there. In that TOTALLY FICTIONAL family full of TOTALLY FICTIONAL children who just happen by TOTAL COINCIDENCE to say things I’ve chronicled in the Bonny Glen archives over the years. I mean, you can tell it’s fiction because the mother has red hair. I don’t have red hair, now do I?*

*It’s possible that when Chris Gugliotti was doing the first sketches for the characters, I mentioned that I’d always wanted to be a redhead, hint hint. But you can’t prove it.

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    Lori B says:

    We are so loving Into the Thicklebit, it’s like you’re living in our home 🙂 My husband actually printed out the “Why are you hitting me?” episode and put it up on our fridge- he’s had the same conversation over and over (and over) with our youngest!

    “Stop hurting Daddy! You don’t hurt Daddy.”

    “But I *yike* to hurt Daddy…”