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Am archiving some pictures from a family photo site I used to keep. Found these gems from 2005 and since Halloween isn’t that far behind us, here’s a look back seven years.

And from a trip we took to Williamsburg that fall…

(One of my all-time favorite photos of my kids.)

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  1. is that the williamsburg trip where the guide instantly recognized you all as homeschoolers . . . because your girls were wearing bonnets?

  2. What sweet memories! Is that the Halloween where Rose went as Wendy from Peter Pan? I completely remember her in the costume parade in her bedroom slippers.

  3. What precious smiles. Sigh, they grow up so fast.

    Love the comment about the bonnets! That has happened to us too. One of my girls wore a full pioneer get-up when we visited an Oregon Trail Museum once.

  4. Hee! That occasion was a trip to the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA. The girls wore prairie bonnets we’d picked up at Old Bethpage Village on Long Island. You may detect a theme to our outings… πŸ˜‰

    @Sarah, yep, that was the Wendy year, when she was seven years old. She put the costume together all by herself and was so proud and happy. πŸ™‚

  5. These are just such HAPPY pictures… I love how happiness changes the shapes of eyes and cheeks and chins. Also, I love the outfits your kids wear – bonnets, floral trou, and stripes.