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Our insanely busy summer is winding down, and soon we’ll be back to just regular busy. Jane took the week off her internship because she landed a short-term gig at a community college bookstore—the very college at which Rose is now taking a Spanish class, though the store is not on campus. Nearby, though, and Scott’s and my taxi powers have not been, er, overtaxed. (Ba dum bump.) And only three doctor visits in the past two weeks: one long scheduled, one unanticipated, and one follow-up. Considering the records we set earlier in the summer, this tally is positively yawnworthy.

(I just peeked at next week’s calendar, and there are NO. APPOINTMENTS. SCHEDULED. Which means somebody will probably break an arm.)

(Not funny, Lissa.)

With Wonderboy back in school and Rose uttering heretofore unuttered phrases like “Here’s my syllabus if you want to take a look” and “I finished my homework” (!), we find ourselves comfortably returning to our high-tide rhythms—with a few innovations this year. I’ve marked out blocks of time (cleverly called Block 1 and Block 2, which has my inner Anne Shirley rolling her eyes in disgust) to focus on Rose and Beanie (1) or Huck and Rilla (2) with some planning and deliberation. That is, I want to make sure we get to the Fun Stuff and the Important Stuff, and I’ve set aside time for the purpose. Four nice chunks of Block 1 and three of Block 2 each week, tucked into specific corners of the day.

Today’s our third day, and so far I’m tickled pink. Yesterday afternoon ended with Huck and Rilla literally climbing on top of me, chanting “More Block 2! More Block 2!” One excellent development is that Rilla and I now have a dedicated time to work on art projects. She picked this toucan painting to start with, and to my amusement I was not merely expected to facilitate her efforts: I was required to undertake a painting of my own. Our works are coming along nicely. Today we put in the skies.

Also chalked in on the schedule is a regular park visit, an extremely important addition in the eyes of my younger children. Huck and Rilla anticipated today’s outing all week long. Finally the appointed hour arrived—and thirty seconds after hitting the playground, all three of us melted into puddles from the fierce heat. Cue general despondency. In times like this, there’s only one thing to be done: find a shady nook under the fringe of pine trees and build ourselves a Roxaboxen. We each made our own little round houses with a nice path connecting them. We’re all in suspense to see what will be left of our realm next week.



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  1. tanita says:

    As much as I loathed writing lessons plans when I was teaching, changing activity off-the-cuff like that sounds a bit challenging! Fortunately, you have a long memory and have done this before. The Roxaboxen sound like they were the PERFECT solution.

  2. sarah says:

    Can you hear me chuckling from VA? Block 1 and Block 2. Schedules. Oh how your days have changed since you left Crozet! Sounds like a great plan so everyone’s needs are met.

    Good luck to Rose (and a belated happy birthday) in her Spanish class. Ellie starts ASL on Monday. What kind of internship did Jane do this summer?

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Sarah, if you could see me this afternoon positively REVELING in a new filing system I’m setting up, you would guffaw. Crozet Lissa would be aghast. 😉

    Jane’s internship is at a comic book publisher. Apple, tree, etc. Very cool about Ellie’s ASL class! I thought of her on the Very Important Birthday. These elderly girls of ours…

    • Karen Edmisten says:

      I bet Crozet Lissa would have the foresight to say, “Different stages of life call for different solutions.” 🙂

      Love the toucan, and loved hearing about your swinging into high tide. And hurray for no appointments!

  4. another sarah says:

    All so wonderful! I love the idea of Block One and Two. I can just imagine two stout gnomes holding tall wooden staffs and ruling over each period of time … lol, I have too much Waldorf inclination for my own good!

    Your family always reminds me of the Blythe family, full of good spirits, interesting wits, and adventure.

  5. Melissa Wiley says:

    “Your family always reminds me of the Blythe family”—that’s the very nicest compliment you could ever give me! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Melissa Wiley says:

    (But where oh where is my Susan?)

  7. Ellie says:

    Oh the medical appointments ….! The clinic/hospital becomes the home away from home, doesn’t it?!

    And yay, doesn’t it feel good to live though those learning blocks with happy children, excited to be learning? 🙂

    The heat though, I can’t even, it’s brutal right now ergh.