Resources for Learning American Sign Language (ASL)

January 21, 2005 @ 9:43 am | Filed under: ASL, ASL lessons, Fun Learning Stuff, Hearing Loss, Sign Language, Special Needs Children, Wonderboy

Our family favorite: the Signing Time DVDs and videos. My girls got these for Christmas and we’re all captivated! See All About Wonderboy to find out why we’re learning sign language. Signing Time creator Rachel Coleman, her daughter Leah (who is deaf), and Leah’s cousin Alex (who is hearing) have got my children signing and singing up a storm! We bought them because of the signs and fell in love with them because of the songs—Rachel is a gifted singer and songwriter. Highly recommended. Check them out at

Need practice reading fingerspelling? This site spells out words for you in the manual alphabet, and you type in your answer. It repeats the word over and over until you get it right. ASL Fingerspelling Quiz

Other websites I like:

Signing Online
ASL Browser
ASL University

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  1. thank you for the links, i found the sign that i was looking for through them!