The Tidal Homeschooling Master List

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Updated September 2015: High Tide for Huck and Rilla


Since I’ve posted on what I call “Tidal Learning” or “Tidal Homeschooling” both here and on Lilting House, I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of all those posts.

(My favorite kinds of posts are in the Connections category.)

Tidal Homeschooling

What the Tide Brought In (and Carried Out, and Brought Back In)

Tidal Homeschooling, Part 3

The Tide is Going Out

Tweak Tweak

Accidental vs. On-Purpose Learning

A Low-Tide Day

Lovely, Lovely Low Tide
(a follow-up to this post about connections)

Radical Unschooling, Unschooling, Tidal Homeschooling, and the Wearing of Shoes that Fit

Way Leads on to Way

Can you tell I really love low tide? LOL!

This post isn’t about tidal homeschooling per se, but it gives a good picture of the flavor of our high-tide days: All Roads Lead to Rome (Even for Bunnies)

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  1. Lissa,
    You sure do make my life easier — thanks for the organization … and I’m with you, low-tide is the BEST for finding the real treasures!

    Blessings and a happiest of thanksgivings to you and your family — when are you coming to Denver?

  2. Dear Melissa,

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog. I have been reading it for sometime now, and enjoy your updates of family life in San Diego. I am not a homeschooling mom, but I do like to pop in every now and then to take a look at homeschooling in action. I just started a new blog, and would love some new visitors. Please stop in anytime at
    God Bless, Kathy

  3. This is enormously helpful to me to have all these in one handy place!


  5. Hi!
    I just got done reading the martha years it’s a grate series. I just had a question,do you know what the babys name was? Thanks,

  6. Julie, the baby’s name was indeed Cora, after Grisie’s husband’s sister.

    Venisa, I’m afraid the publisher’s plans for the series have changed and there will be no future books. You can read more about this decision on my books page.

  7. […] I’ve already been inspired by this week’s Unplug Your Kids project theme – wood – and I thought I’d share our impromptu creations from craft sticks today, a little early. Some weeks, I don’t even think about the theme until I see other projects posted on Monday, but other weeks, like this one, I keep the theme in the back of my head all week long. Must be high-tide homeschooling! […]

  8. I love love love this page. I’m here constantly, reading and re-reading. 🙂

  9. Hi Melissa,
    I’m a mom from Utah, and I just wanted to pass along some info that might be helpful for your son who is hearing-impaired. Check out Dr. Christopher’s work at, and look at B&B tincture, and BFC ointment, and in general look for info on hearing, and about Dr. Christopher. It’s a great site. I really beleive that our spirits know how to heal and acheive their perfect form, if you will…I have heard of people making tremendous progress, even when there are challenges from birth. My own son (who has had severe respiratory problems) would not be alive, or without daily medications, without Dr. Christopher’s influence. I can’t help but recommend it; I often see your son’s smiling face on your site, and wish all the best to you and your family. I would be stingy not to say anything. I hope I haven’t been too bold. Take care! And thanks for your uplifting site. –Karen

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  11. Home Schooling is also nice since you got to always see your kids.'”‘

  12. […] • If you’re interested in our “tidal homeschooling” lifestyle, here’s a post to start with, and lots more here. […]

  13. I was reading through these links because I’m fascinated but four of them that are hosted by BlogBar re-navigate instantly to another page. Those four are:
    Tidal Homeschooling, Part 3
    Tweak, Tweak
    A Low-Tide Day
    All Roads Lead To Rome

    I don’t know if you took them down but if you didn’t I thought you should know because I know I’d be interested in reading them.

  14. Margaret, thanks for the heads-up! I think I fixed all the broken links. Some of those posts originally appeared at my other blog, The Lilting House, which is no longer around. I imported all the LH posts here, but there are lots of wonky links within the posts themselves.

    Thank you!!

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  21. […] blogger extraordinaire, Melissa Wiley. Her Bonny Glenn site is one of my favorites (especially the Tidal Homeschooling […]

  22. […] blogger extraordinaire, Melissa Wiley. Her Bonny Glenn site is one of my favorites (especially the Tidal Homeschooling […]

  23. […] to many modern minds.  In fact a homeschooling mother I know of – via online acquaintance, Melissa – has adopted this idea to define her education style.  Her ‘tidal homeschooling’ […]

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