It Ain’t Easy Being My Daughter

July 12, 2008 @ 4:55 am | Filed under: Family

Me: Ja-ane!

Jane: Coming!

Me: Hey, will you grab my tea on your way? It’s on the counter.

Jane arrives, hands me my iced tea.

Me: Thanks. That’s all I wanted.

Jane: (blinks)

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  1. lol — I love it! — I do the same thing!

  2. That’s become a family joke around here, ever since a couple of Thanksgivings ago. Teen daughter said “Grandpa, could you stand up for a sec?” He did. “As long as you’re up, would you get me a glass of water?”

  3. Muuuuahahaha!

  4. My children know that pain well.

  5. Oooh, you’re terrible! I have to steal that trick!

  6. One weekend back in the dark ages, before remote controls had been invented, I was upstairs in my room reading. My father yelled my name from downstairs somewhere, and I came running, afraid that he was hurt or sick. Nope: he wanted me to change the TV channel for him. The TV was about 12 feet away from him. He didn’t do that again.

  7. Oooh, sneakola! I must remember that for later. I doubt I’ll get off with blinks though: I will likely get groans and rolling eyes.

  8. I do that very same thing. I also call the cell phones of my older daughters when they leave them downstairs. When they race downstairs to answer them, I say, “While you’re down here, would you…..”

  9. He He, isn’t this why we all had kids in the first place? So we would not have to pay servants.