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  1. That really does sound like good news is coming our way. Thanks for the update, as always!

  2. Dear Melissa,
    I have soooo enjoyed the Martha and Charlotte years. I was very sorry to hear they were being ruined through abridgment. I had just run across them for the first time this past spring when someone donated a pile of mixed Little House type books to me to use as I wished.
    I had already made the decision to donate the paperback versions to the library and to try to purchase the entire set in hard back — the Martha, Charlotte, Caroline, and Rose years. I already owned a hard cover set of the Laura books, accumulated over 4 years as Christmas presents. I am 57 years old and grew up on a Missouri farm myself so I found them all fascinating. I just didn’t get to them until a few years ago because farmers don’t always get much time to read in the post WWII generations.
    I have just spent about 8 hours online the past week getting all the books I needed. I had to cancel books when I found they were abridged [and let them know just how I felt that they had not indicated they were abridged at that.]
    I was no longer able to afford the hard covers of Martha and Charlotte books –gee, the paperbacks are now $30 each mostly.
    I am praying that there is a ‘copyright’ saint up in heaven that can figure out a way around this. Perhaps if we all request it enough from Harper Collins, they would reconsider their position.
    Just keep your writing pens sharpened. Who knows what will come of it soon?
    Mary B.