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1) It’s time for the Comment Challenge! Combox discussions can be one of the best things about a blog, but I freely admit I am terrible, terrible, at clicking through from my reader to actually type out a comment. So often I’m reading while nursing the baby, or on the iPod (which, for all its fabulosity, is a serious pain to type on), and so I very seldom comment anywhere. Out loud. I am exceedingly chattery in my head. Your blogs provide such excellent discussion fodder! Well, for the next three weeks I shall make an effort to participate in the Challenge and leave comments on five kidlitosphere blogs daily. There are over a hundred children’s-book-related blogs in my Reader, and I don’t express my appreciation to those smart writers nearly often enough. Challenge details here.

2) The CYBILs short lists are up! And there goes my TBR list, piling up higher. Eek.

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    Sara says:

    That’s why I like the “Next” button you can install on your toolbar. It takes you through your Reader chronologically, but takes you to the blog. It’s not helpful, however, if you have limited time and infinite posts and need to pick and choose what you read! 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:

    Good point, Sara—I used to have that button in my toolbar and now it occurs to me it’s gone! I wonder what I did with it. 🙂 I did like hopping from blog to blog that way—but I sub to too many, really. I tend to read by category, which doesn’t work with the Next button.

  3. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:

    Ha! I found it! My Next button wasn’t missing—it just had the wrong icon in my toolbar. I use a Firefox add-on that turns the items in my toolbar into mini-icons so I can cram a ton of them in, and the Next button seems to have assumed the icon for the next blog in the queue. It was right where I left it, just wearing a disguise.

    Thanks for reminding me, Sara.

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    Hannah says:

    This sounds like a neat challenge, and a way to discover new bookish blogs. I think I’m going to participate.