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  1. De-lurk has got to be the silliest word ever invented. And yet, here I am doing it. I’ve been enjoying your blog for…a couple of months? I love the book posts, posts about homeschooling, and the little scraps of your daily life. You’re so inspiring. Thank you!

  2. Am here…de-lurking…I mostly slink around the edges of your blog, hiding in the drapery but I do enjoy it! I’m a grown-up homeschooled kid who plans to homeschool her own as soon as they are old enough and I love the outdoors, reading and the Laura Ingalls series (on which I was reared) I am Anglican so lots of the Catholic stuff is very heartwarming for me too. Thanks for all the great posts!

    And thanks for that great last link…I’m totally there and can’t wait to read it!

  3. I read Charles and Emma a few months ago and loved it, such interesting pictures of his family life. I can’t wait to check out the art journal links.

  4. Longtime lurker-LOVE the book lists (I discovered Shannon Hale via your suggestions).


  5. What kind of word is that “Lurking”? It sounds evil. I didn’t feel evil when I was doing it. I felt, well, like an outsider peering into a world I could never be a part of. But with the Comment Challenge and Bloggiesta, I am feeling a bit more relaxed. I am enjoying the participation and the education. I hope to pay it forward some day.

  6. Lurking does sound so sinister, doesn’t it? It’s completely wrong as a description of quiet but enthusiastic blog-reading. How many of us read blogs on our phones and iPod Touches? It’s maddening to try to type anything of substance on those things.

    How many of us catch up on our webreading while nursing our babies?

    I do love hearing from readers, though. I wish I were able to comment more frequently (and thoughtfully) at the blogs I read, but for everything there is a season…

    Anyway, thanks, all of you, quiet readers and delightfully chatty ones alike, for visiting my little strand of the web. I so enjoy your company!

  7. De-lurking! But is it really de-lurking if I just pop in to comment and then immediately go back to lurking? Perhaps I should make a resolution to be a better commenter as I don’t have any of the goood excuses you listed, but I’m also anti-resolution ;-). Anyway, hello from Tennessee!

  8. I love visiting your blog and am so thankful for the glimpses of your life that you share so generously!

  9. Delurkifying. I rarely comment, mostly because I’m too lazy to type while nursing. But I so enjoy your blog; thanks for keeping it up.

  10. Ok then, just because it is Natonal Delurking Week, here I am! Does it count that it isn’t my nation? Your ‘how I blog’ got me on day one, recognised a kindred spirit. Just wanted to let you know that I love perusing your blog as a break to homeschool planning. Inspiring book lists, the joy you take in your family and your quick wit make me a loyal lurker on your blog. Thanks so much.

  11. Consider me “de-lurked”. 😉 I love your blog, especially the posts about what you (or your family) is reading.

  12. I’ve commented a couple times before, but considering how regularly I read your blog that’s a shameful confession to make!

    I love your blog – your delightful writing style, whether dealing with your beloved family or your beloved books, is a privilege to read. When I read on Jim Weiss’ CD’s (which I learned about here in the Bonny Glen) that they were for the “thinking family,” I thought immediately of your family, which so exactly fits that description.

    You’ve inspired me in so many ways, I just have to keep coming back for more!

  13. Another lazy, nursing, non-commenter de-lurking.
    Love your blog…your books were a dream come true to my 9 yr old daughter who so-did-not-want-little-house to end. Thank you.
    – Kathi