One Year Old Already?

January 13, 2010 @ 4:49 am | Filed under: Baby, Family, Photos

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  1. What a sweetie!!!

  2. I love those chubby little toddler feet the best of all.

  3. Those feet! Oh my goodness!

  4. He is so very cute! And I agree about those feet!

  5. Awww. Happy birthday!

  6. Oh, Baby: don’t be pullin’ down Daddy’s guitars, now ….

    (Does he like to sit in the cases? Mine used to).

    That’s a great pregnancy photo, by the way.

    Happy Birthing-Day 🙂

  7. What a cutie! Happy birthday to your big boy!

  8. Oh those feet. There is nothing like the chubbiness on the top of toddler feet! What a beautiful baby!

  9. Happy birthday to that beautiful bouncy baby boy!

    (you look pretty great too :))

    Best wishes to all the Januarys at *your* house, from all of us…

    PS: I’m making your soup tonight – can’t wait!

  10. Yay! Look at those curls! I know this goes so quickly…I’ve done it twice already but, its really hard to believe the baby I’m preganant with now will be almost one at this time next year. Life is surreal sometimes.

  11. he is so darling, what a sweet face and such bright eyes, but really – a whole year? That went too fast.

  12. Happy Birthday!!! Hard to believe it’s been a year already.

  13. Cutest side of beef I ever did see. 🙂 Happy birthday to your little guy.

  14. Amazing! And yes, the feet are adorable. Happy Birthday to your little man!

  15. Happy, happy, happy day to our sweet Huck! Love and hugs and kisses from here,
    The Eds

  16. lovely! Happy happy day.

  17. Happiest of birthdays, Huck! (That smile is the sweetest ever!)

  18. A year already! He’s beautiful and you looked really beautiful pregnant with him!

    Happy Birthday!

  19. Not. Possible. Please stop the clock.

  20. Dear Melissa – I remember this day a year ago … I was checking your website waiting for a News … and it came – IT’S A BOY !!!
    Happy Birthday to Little Big Boy Huck!
    And Best Wishes to you Big Mama!!
    Hugs 🙂

  21. You were so adorable pregnant, and he is such a sweet chubby little cutie! I can’t believe he’s already one. Happy Birthday Huck! In just over 2 months it’ll be my Regina’s turn to be one. I can hardly believe it. The time just goes too fast.

  22. Oh, my heart is aching! How can the year have slipped away? And what a gorgeous boy!

  23. Gah! I want to reach in the picture and pinch his little squishy face. He’s beautiful, Melissa.