Nothing Falling Through the Cracks Here, Nope

December 14, 2010 @ 7:16 pm | Filed under:

Because THERE ARE NO CRACKS. My assortment of Urgent Things to Do is so vast that the Urgent Things are crammed tightly together, forming an impermeable surface for Slightly Less Urgent Things to bounce off and roll around underfoot, tripping me up at every step.

In other words, it’s mid-December.

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  1. mari says:

    Oh I love this analogy! Now I understand what’s been going on here at my house now! Thank you for the therapy session. 😉 Understanding makes living with the chaos so much more livable.
    🙂 maria

  2. maria says:

    P.S. And obviously it is effecting my proof reading as well.

    Hi, my name is NOT mari. I am just quite simply distractably busy…..obviously.

    😀 maria