No News Is, Um, Boring?

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My traffic has been through the roof these past few days, and while I’m sure much of that is due to the magnetic allure of Angelica’s milk-white shoulders, it dawned on me that a sizable number of the hits are from friends dropping by to see if there’s any baby news. This became all the more apparent when I switched the glitchy Twitter widget (which scrolled my tweets in the sidebar) to a just-plain-Twitter-button, and the outclick rate to my Twitter page quadrupled. May I just say it is awfully sweet to know how much y’all care? 🙂

But there’s nothing to report. Great checkup at the OB on Friday. Baby’s got plenty of fluid, excellent heart rate, is a happy camper. If nothing happens before Tuesday, I’ll go back for another round of checking up.



Meanwhile, my mama is spoiling me rotten, doing all my household work PLUS beautifying the backyard in the most magnificent way. She is a treasure, my mother, let me tell you. My daddy is pretty swell too—and it’s nice of him to part with my mom for two weeks so she could come entertain my younguns and do my dishes and fill me full of cornbread and ham.

Anyway, all’s well, and I’m in good hands, and we’re all hoping this little person decides to join the party very soon. As in: today would be nice!

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  1. Avatar

    nina says:

    You’re lucky and so blessed. I just read a blog post of a new mama that went just past 42 weeks. Ecks!

  2. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Blessed indeed. Wishing you well, and hoping you have a baby “fair of face”. 🙂

  3. Avatar

    JoVE says:

    Oh, that last bit is SOOOO long. Isn’t there something you’d like to do that would be really inconvenient to interrupt to have a baby? Maybe you could do that thing and then s/he’d come. Like lighting a cigarette at the bus stop (according to my smoker friends).

    And cornbread and ham sounds good. Maybe I need put ham on the shopping list….

  4. Avatar

    Penny in VT says:

    I probably account for half those twitter clicks myself – such good news can’t be missed by a minute!

    🙂 Penny

  5. Avatar

    fiddler says:

    Sending “Baby, come out!” vibes your way.

    Take care,
    Christina in MA

  6. Avatar

    Lisa says:

    No kidding . . . that little sweet thing needs to come on already! We’re on pins and needles! Love and kisses to you all.

    Lisa and gang

  7. Avatar

    Anne V. says:

    Yup. I have been checking on you too! At least twice a day. It is great to see you in such great spirits. Keeping you and the rest of the clan in our prayers.

  8. Avatar

    Sara says:

    As I recall, it helps to be really miserable for the baby to be born. Or is it that when it’s really time, you are miserable?

    You don’t sound miserable. 😉

  9. Avatar

    Mary Beth P. says:

    I didn’t want to wish for you to go so late, but I was hoping for the baby to be born Sunday- Matthew’s 1st Birthday!

  10. Avatar

    Anna says:

    No twitter account, so… “Congrats!”