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spotted on our morning walk
(which was very short, because neither of us can walk half a block without coughing)

So maybe this was the actual flu. Whatever it was, Scott and I are both still climbing slowly back to normal. Huck is right as rain already—much to his disappointment, since he loves the taste of Tylenol. “No more medicine?” he asked tearfully. Sorry, pal.

Jane’s up to her eyeballs (and mine) in scholarship applications. Rose made me some Redwall scones. Beanie embarked on a personal mission to study the history of Japan (beginning with poring over any relevant chapter she can find in the Genevieve Foster books, because they were readiest to hand…library trip to follow soon). Wonderboy is writing lots of letters. Rilla nearly always has a crayon in her hand.


Huck spends half his time as a…koalasheep, I think it is? And the other half jumping on things.

music has charms to sooth a savage koalasheep breast

I have completely dropped the ball with Winter Holiday! I should’ve just bought the audiobook when I first got sick. At this rate we’ll still be reading it in July.

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  1. Mama Squirrel says:

    “So maybe this was the actual flu.” Yep, sounds like what a couple of us had here last month. The “hit by a truck” feeling, with a cough on top of that, and when you think you’re better, it still takes you days to feel like you’re back to normal. Get well soon, all of you!

  2. tanita says:

    Is Wonderboy doing the Month of Letters challenge?
    I need to do that next month – just write a letter a day, and send it aloft…

    I always wondered how my mother dealt with three kids being sick, PLUS her – the trick is everyone getting well in various stages, it seems.

    Sounds like you’re all on the mend, even the Tylenol-monster.

  3. monica says:

    thats funny that Jane is writing scholarship apps, because SHE IS STILL A LITTLE GIRL!!!! NO MORE GROWING UP OVER THERE OR I WILL WRITE IN ALL CAPS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!

  4. Ellie says:

    @ Monica LOL Exactly! She’s only, what? ten? Eleven at the most! Sheesh. Time, passing, etc. :-p

  5. Melissa Wiley says:

    Tanita: not officially, no. His entire life is a Month of Letters. The boy lives for correspondence. 🙂

    And Monica & Ellie: TELL ME ABOUT IT. ::blink::