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* The year’s first poppy. Stunning as they are when fully open, this is how I love them best: just peeking out from under their green elf caps.

* Rilla’s first serious horse. She worked for ages, following the instructions in the Usborne Book of Drawing. What I love most here is seeing her several erased attempts to get the legs and tail just so.

* The tulips Krissy brought me back from Amsterdam, that time I couldn’t go. I adore tulips. Growing them this way, all mystery, three mute brown bulbs with no hint of the vivid hues encoded in their DNA, is the best possible fun. Now I want to grow mystery tulips always.

* Shazzzzzzam.

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  1. That horse is awesome!

  2. * utterly magical poppy

    * “wonton villain” {giggle} Beautiful horse — horses are so hard!

    * lovely tulips

    * love the bedtime reading 🙂

  3. We love her horse!
    Ramona was just peeking over my shoulder and said, “I didn’t think she was that old! I remember holding her when she was just a baby!” 🙂

  4. “I didn’t think she was that old! I remember holding her when she was just a baby!”

    That’s quite enough out of all of you, thank you very much.

  5. I love that the erased horse leg bits bespeak movement. That’s awesome.

    There was a hardware store called Yardbirds when we lived in Santa Rosa that sold plain brown paper bags filled with mystery, magic, and patience. These mystery mixes were BULBS. You had ZERO idea of what you were going to get. You had ZERO idea of when they were going to come up. We bought TONS because it was infectious fun. Someday I’m going to Costco to pick up huge bags, I’ll dump them all together, and repackage them in plain paper, and give them away.

    It is the best fun, EVER*.

    *If you’re weird and a gardener, I guess. Others’ mileage may vary.

  6. Oooh, Tanita, I would snap up that grab bag in a HEARTBEAT. You are so my kind of gardener.

    Karen: in my head, Ramona is still the age she was when she held that baby. 🙂

  7. What a happy horse!

  8. Oh I love the bulb grab bag idea. That was the most fun when we bought this house. We looked at it in October and moved in November. That spring was so exciting with all the bulbs coming up, the bushes and trees blooming. All the little discoveries.

    Rilla’s horse is lovely. All those running legs and the swishing tail.

  9. […] front-yard tulips, those crazy gold-and-scarlet marvels, are about to drop their petals. Last week they were stunners, turning the head of every passerby. […]

  10. […] to last month’s Galloping Horse. She’s still working hard on getting those legs just so, as you see. I’m loving this […]