North American camels? Who knew?

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Solving Jigsaw Puzzles in Museum Basements

“I hope to finish working out the history of North American camels before I die.”—Posting this one mainly for Jane; I found it an utterly captivating read.

What killed Charles Darwin?

Mo Willems Doodles: Video Advice for JJK

“Let me say, for the record, I certainly wouldn’t want anybody to see a previously funny, but now obviously not funny video of an author mispronouncing Judy Blume’s name and wearing a tuxedo without pants.”

What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life

If I’d been young enough, I’d have wanted a Felicity. OKAY I STILL WANT A FELICITY. What? What?

Dialect Blog | Accents and Dialects of English

A new-to-me blog, very much up my alley.

Author Jody Hedlund: 10 Simple Ways to Support Authors You Love

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  1. Aww, I didn’t see “Kaya” on the doll list!

  2. I have Felicity. I bought her as a gift to myself when I was pregnant with Joshua (9). She’s lovely 🙂 Currently seated atop my knitting basket, near my cozy chair.

  3. I hope you bought one at some point – they have stopped making many of the historical dolls, including Felicity. And yes, I wrote a letter. Several in fact.

    (and we don’t have Felicity either! My girls opted for Kirsten and Samantha, and I was very happy to oblige on their eighth birthdays, which was just in time, since they aren’t available anymore either, harumph)

  4. Yes, actually, Rilla was given Felicity for Christmas by her grandparents. And I hardly had to coach her selection at ALL. 😉