Books That Caught My Eye at SDCC, Part 1

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Again, quickly typing up my notes. These are things that piqued my interest and beg a closer look, when time permits.

No particular order here except the order in which I encountered them at the con. (UPDATE: this post got too long! So now it’s a Part One.)

Owly (kids’ graphic novels, the one I saw was wordless and sweet, published by Top Shelf Press)

• Practically everything at the First Second (:01) booth made me drool—I was already familiar with these folks, having read (and been blown away by) Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese a little while ago. Gene was on one of the children’s graphic novel panels I attended at SDCC last year.

genejenniGene Luen Yang and Jennifer Holm at SDCC 2009.

This year, “Urgent Request” from The Eternal Smile (written by Gene; illustrated by Derek Kirk Kim) won the Eisner for best short story, which is very exciting. To my amusement, at the very moment I was paging through Eternal Smile, I looked up and there was Gene with his family at the First Second booth. He and his wife had their three small children in tow—Gene was wearing the baby in a front-carrier, a heartwarming sight. We chatted briefly; it was a delight to meet them.

• Back to First Second Books. Other titles that caught my eye:

Cat Burglar Black

Adventures in Cartooning—we’ve checked this out from the library, big hit with my kids, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before

Foiled (Jane Yolen)—has been on my TBR list, even more appealing in person, wonderful art

Tiny Tyrant

The Color of Water

Hill & Wang, an imprint of Macmillan. Boy was I impressed with these folks! They’re publishing nonfiction graphic novels on a somewhat stunning range of topics. Author Jonathan Hennessy gave me a copy of The United States Constitution—that’s right, it’s the Constitution in graphic novel form—and when I brought it home to Jane, she devoured it the next day. She’s raving about it; I’ll write more when I’ve had a chance to review it myself.

Other intriguing Hill & Wang titles:

The Cartoon Guide to Economics. I went back to the booth on Sunday to buy this—I usually save my purchases for the last day so I don’t have to lug stuff around for too long—and dadgummit, it was sold out. But it’s on my list of must-haves for Jane. And I hear there’s a Cartoon Guide to Statistics on the way…

The 9/11 Report. Scott bought a copy of this. He’s excited.

The Stuff of Life, “a graphic guide to genetics and DNA” with art by one of my favorite Comic-Con pals, Zander Cannon. There’s a sequel on evolution forthcoming soon.

—Biographies of Isadora Duncan, Malcolm X, Ronald Reagan, J. Edgar Hoover, Che Guevara. We came home with the Duncan bio; Jane enjoyed it; more on that one later too.

Anne Frank: The Authorized Graphic Biography. Arresting art. I’m eager to take a closer look at this one.

The Beats, a graphic history of the beat poets with text by Harvey Pekar.

OK, that’s a lot for one post. More to come in a follow-up.

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  1. What a great list. My almost 7yo loves the Owly series and Adventures in Cartooning. I’m putting several of the others on my wishlist!

  2. We have fallen in love with graphic novels. It’s such a wonderful vehicle for my autistic son to follow a story. He loves them but my girls do as well. Thanks for such a great list of books.

  3. I have been so enjoying your Comic-Con posts. Gene Yang is one of my favorite comic artists these days – The Eternal Smile just blew me away. He has another one that just came out as well that I liked.

  4. Just about everything First:Second does is my favorite. I enjoyed interviewing Gene Luen Yang so much, and I am waiting for The Eternal Smile to be available here. And Lady Jane’s Foiled looks so awesome.

  5. Owly is awesome. When Ben was in first grade it was his favorite series — he would read them over and over again (Ben is dyslexic and couldn’t read chapter books like the rest of his friends so he felt very left out). Ben went to a book signing and met Andy. Andy was really sweet — he took time to talk to Ben about the books and signed two books and a poster for Ben.

  6. Woops… I meant to post a link to a picture of Ben reading to a stray kitten we found: