Hurricane Sandy Links

October 29, 2012 @ 8:07 am | Filed under: Current Affairs

Rounding up links I’m watching today:

Severe NJ Weather (Facebook page, lots of current photos)

NPR Hurricane Sandy breaking news, frequent updates

Storify: Live Hurricane Updates

Google maps, hurricane edition

New York Times, Hurricane Sandy: View From Above (photo from 51st floor of NYT building, updated every few minutes)

Twitter feeds: @ScottBeale, @Lock (Lockhart Steele, lots of photos)

UPDATED: Live Webcams of Areas Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Feel free to share your own. Hope you weather this well, East Coast friends…

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  1. I shared this at my blog this morning: a link to NASA images of the storm — this morning called an Extratropical Cyclone. It remains awesome in size ….